Top 5 Natural Skincare Products You Need 

People talk about the importance of eating organic, but what about the stuff we put on our skin?

The skin is our largest organ and our first system of defense against, well, almost everything! The idea that we voluntarily choose to put chemicals on our skin is an unfortunate byproduct of our indoctrination by the beauty industry at large. The good news is that consumers are becoming more informed and the beauty industry is adapting and putting out products that do not contain a laundry list of barely pronounceable chemicals. I’ve put together a list of the top 5 natural skincare products on the market right now that are essential to a healthy skincare routine.

Christina Moss Organic Facewash

This facewash is known for being particularly effective for sensitive skin but powerful enough for those that suffer from acne. This product is great because it has a gentle foam that leaves you feeling clean but not stripped of your skin’s essential oils. I like to pair this facewash with a hydrating cream when my skin is still wet in-order to lock in the moisture

Key Stats: Hypoallergenic with no chemical preservatives, no SLS, SLES, Propylene Glycol, PG derivatives, parabens, sulfates or dyes.

Full Spectrum 360° Mineral Sun Silk Crème Organic Sunscreen SPF 30

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to stock up on the most important skincare item you can invest in – sunscreen. Coola has been a favorite of mine for sometime, but unfortunately not all of their products are organic. Let’s be real, it’s hard to make effective sunscreen organic. So when they released the mineral sunmilk I was over the moon excited. It goes on smooth, light and blends into the skin. This is something close to a miracle for a mineral based sunscreen which uses non-nano  zinc oxcide technology.

Key Stats: Vegan, Paraben-Free, 70% + certified organic ingredients, Oil Free, Fragrance Free

Ren Clean Skincare: Keep Young and Beautiful Anti-Ageing Eye Cream

I love ren because it is no nonsense company, its mission is simple, providing products free of any ingredients known to have a history of causing skin sensitivity or known to be unkind to the skin. No where is this more important than the under-eye region, where the skin is much thinner (UP TO 10X THINNER!) than the rest of the skin on the face and prone to irritation. This eye cream can be applied in the morning to give your under eye-region a much needed infusion of moisture that will prevent your makeup from caking up mid-day. Plus, the moisture boost helps with anti-ageing in a gentler way than products targeted at an older clientele.

Key Stats: Free of Sulfates SLS and SLS, parabens, mineral oil, formaldehydes, formaldehyde-releasing agents, phthlatates, coal tar.

Boscia Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil

This make-up remover is really my savior. I had tried other natural make-up removers in the past, and I wanted to like them, I really did, but they would always burn my eyes. This remover stands up to the famed Lancome bi-facial in terms of efficacy and dewy after-effect. Except, it is natural! Chock full of nourishing ingredients like olive and avocado oil, taking of makeup can ‘almost’ become a luxurious experience. I would recommend limiting the use of this product to the eye region because of its oil heavy composition.

Key Stats: Free of mineral oil, preservatives, artificial fragrances and vegan.

Youth to the people Adaptogen Deep moisture cream

If you have dry skin, you need to check this out.  I like to use it in the winter because that is when I find my face is driest. The cream is rich, so you need only apply a tiny bit of product to get an optimal effect. Youth to the People (YTTP for short) is new to the beauty scene and initially I was hesitant to give them try but very happy that I did. The company is very innovative, constantly testing new natural ingredients to incorporate into their products. This cream contains reishi, a mushroom that helps establish homeostasis in the body.

Key stats: Vegan, cruelty free, noncomedogenic and formulated without dimethicone


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