Are You A Documentary-Fiend Like Me?

Who doesn’t love a great documentary? Thanks to the technological advents of YouTube, Netflix and basically the internet in general, the possibility of watching a documentary on the most obscure subject is possible. Get to watching!

I absolutely adore documentaries. And, what’s there not to like? A documentary is essentially diving deeply into the world we already are aware that exists but takes a much closer and intimate look into events that might pass us by normally.

Netflix DocuSeries

If you’re in for a night (or week, whatever) of binging, a Netflix DocuSeries is always a great way to end the week!

Whether you’re in to serial killers (or purported serial killer a la Stephen Avery in Making a Murderer), jail (MSNBC’s Lock Up is one of the greatest of all time) or the drug trade (Dope is… well… dope!) there’s always something for you to feast your eyes on.

My Vice? Vice Media Documentaries.

A Canadian digital media and broadcasting company Vice Media produces some of the most touching and meaningful documentaries of the decade.

Thankfully, many of their works are available for viewing on YouTube, and explore themes ranging from immigration to drug addiction to the manipulation of social media. Do you remember the scandal over the London Shed restaurant? That was them. Ever had the urge to watch a 6-minute clip on incel killers? Vice has it too.

BBC III, the Best (or worst) of England

Who isn’t obsessed with the British? Their amazing accents and super interesting culture have always piqued my fancy.

The BBC, the Godfather of great documentaries (think Planet Earth and David Attenborough) has a channel which documents really niche parts of British life.

Like Vice documentaries, many of the BBC III videos are free and available to watch on YouTube, although my favorite way to watch is by traveling to England and curl up in a nice cozy hotel room in Covent Garden with the BBC playing in the background.

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