What’s in Your Bag? (Mine is a Mess!)

A purse (or in my case, vintage backpack from a thrift store in SanFran) can tell a lot about a person. What’s in my bag you ask? A whole lot of random, quirky and fun things that I absolutely cannot live without!

An intimate “What’s In Your Bag” post at one time seemed far too cliché for me. Alas, I took the bait this weekend and emptied out my purse just to find some really cool things I totally forgot I had inside and thought this would be a great place to share! From foreign currency to my favorite chap stick of all time, these are some things I found during my (ALMOST!!!) spring cleaning.


I try to be organized in my professional life. Lists, color-coded folders, binders, red pens, concentric journals, email folders, etc. But when it was time to clean out my personal purse, no such system of organization exists. Instead, I find my purse to be kind of a black hole for things I’m sure I will need on a daily basis, although I often times am mistaken.


Just recently, I viewed the CUTEST photo series of a woman who took pictures of the contents of her four-year-old’s pockets and they were filled with what I could only call wonder. I warn you that mine is not as inspirational, but certainly as interesting.


Cha-Ching! Foreign Currency in the Bag

Every time I travel, I swear an entire piggy bank of pretty worthless foreign currency manages to find its way into the deepest crevices of my purse. (Since Canada stopped manufacturing pennies, my bag has been noticeably lighter)


Burt’s Bees (The Bee’s Knees!)

You never know how much you need chapstick until you can’t find it. Thankfully, I found my favorite Burt’s Bee’s lip balm not too long ago! Although this one is pink, shimmery and guava-flavored, there are more discreet versions which never have failed to disappoint.


You Light Up My Life

You never know in which circumstance you will need a lighter. I found one half-working Bic at the bottom of my purse that always comes in handy on a birthday. Pro tip! In domestic US flights (also international I believe), you’re allowed by law to posses a lighter in your carry-on baggage! But no smoking inside the aircraft, please.



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