Cracker Barrel Pancakes at Home… Worth A Try?

Pancakes are one of my guilty pleasures. Whether it’s sopping wet with maple syrup, purple and served with chunks of pineapple and passionfruit sauce, or drowning in butter I just can’t get enough!

Admittedly, my favorite pancakes have been in the south… I always make it a point to stop in to a cracker barrel, have a nice sit on the rocking chairs and take a little peek around the country store… But my favorite part will always be a good stack of pancakes which get me through my roadtrips!

So, the journey began. Was it possible to recreate the iconic Cracker Barrel pancake recipe at home? I scoured the web for the perfect recipe. Let’s just say a few Sunday brunches and full bellies later, I think I might have found the one.

Cracker-Barrel Style Pancake Recipe

2 Cups all-purpose flour

1 Teaspoon table salt (and another pinch for good measure)

2 Teaspoons (exactly) baking soda (I’m an Arm & Hammer gal myself)

1.5 Tablespoons white sugar

2 Large eggs

2 Cups Buttermilk

Basically the method is easy. Mix all dry ingredients together well. Separately, mix all wet ingredients together. Blend em all together. In one big bowl of love. On a medium-hot oiled (vegetable) or buttered frying pan, place a dollop of batter.

If you decide to go with something inside of your pancakes (blueberries or bananas for instance), wait about a minute until the bottom begins to brown and gently lay your ingredients on top.  When the bottom becomes a little dry and crusty (3 minutes or so) they’re ready to flip!

The secret is buttermilk. I know, you’re thinking – duh! But my biggest mistake was trying to substitute the buttermilk for whatever milky substance I had in my fridge. Protip: soy milk, almond milk, regular 3% and yogurt are NOT the same! If you’re going to have pancakes, you might as well invest in the good stuff. Honestly, I believe it’s good for the soul.

Toppings on pancakes are also a big source of debate. Classic butter and maple? Chop up some fresh strawberries and whipped cream? And do the chocolate chips go inside or outside? This my friends is a very personal decision, but I suggest you experiment around. Nothing can be bad in top of a pancake. (Ok, ALMOST nothing…)

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