My New Love Affair with Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC)

Move over Maize Hirono, there’s a new sheriff on the Hill and she’s bad ass. Here are the reasons why I absolutely ADORE AOC!

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is an American politician and activist from New York (where Brooklyn at?!) Her confidence, relentlessness and relatability is refreshing, and shows hope for a new generation of Americans to become involved and make a difference in our very complex political process.


Alexandria keeps it real. From her struggles to find affordable housing for herself in DC to her truly grassroots campaigning efforts at the beginning of her political career, she is one to be watched out for. Here are some of my favorite AOC moments!


The College Dancing “Scandal”

Republicans tried to stain the good name of AOC by “discovering” a video of her dancing in college. That’s right, just having a good old time *REGULAR* dancing. Almost as scandalous as that one time that President Obama wore a Khaki suit – AS IF!

In response (and in true AOC style), she responded to the ridiculous criticism by posting another video of herself dancing, except this time in from of her office on Washington DC.

Along with the clip, she posted the following message:


“I hear the GOP [Republican party] thinks women dancing are scandalous. Wait till they find out Congresswomen dance too! Have a great weekend everyone :)”


AOC’s Famous Neighborhood Campaigning

I remember at the beginning of her political career watching a viral video of AOC literally walking around her constituency to get votes and spread awareness! Her grassroots approach speaks volumes to her success in Washington and massive pop culture following.


Her Honest Social Media Presence

AOC keeps it real. Her social media presence isn’t tailored, proofread by statisticians and strategists and limited at each and every character. Her Instagram is full and colorful, and twitter easy to read and responsive.


Representation Matters

For little girls like me, growing up and not seeing anyone on TV that remotely resembled myself stung. I was convinced that my whole life was going to be a sappy romcom and I was destined to play the forlorn sidekick. AOC is a Latinx girl who is brown and proud and loves and reps her heritage at all times! Although she doesn’t look like me, I know there are plenty of young women who will be inspired by her fearlessness and go-getter attitude.


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