Enjoying Ube the Right Way

Ube is a purple yam who has recently been capturing the minds and hearts of foodies and instagrammers all over the world. For me, it’s just a normal part of life!

Ube is a beautiful cousin to the sweet potato with an unmistakable royal purple color and light, pistachio-like taste. Because it’s sweet, it’s traditionally used in desserts and really does make for great pictures. Here I’m going to list my favorite and prettiest ube creations and highly encourage you to try them! (if you can find it)

Ube Ice Cream

Ice cream made from purple yams is beautiful. Although I want to say its unlike anything I’ve ever tasted before, it does strike an eerie similarity in flavor to the tropical fruit mamey (but that is a bright almost neon-orange color).


If you’re lucky, you can find ube ice cream in your ethnic grocery aisle or at a Filipino specialty store. Alongside ice cream, the root vegetable is also sold in powder form and as a food coloring. If you’re having a craving and can’t seem to find the elusive delicacy anywhere, you can always buy ube extract on amazon!


Ube Cheesecake

Because of it’s sweet and nutty flavor, you can often find ube used in cheesecake batter. The consistency goes great with the traditional New York style! The prettiest ube cheesecakes I’ve seen have been swirled in, but who would ever reject a good ol’ slice of purple heaven on top of a graham cracker crust?


Halo Halo

This FIlipino delicacy is a dessert comprised of shaved ice, evaporated milk and an assortment of delicious tropical fruits on top including, you guessed it, ube! Its also sometimes served with ice cream on top which can have that great purple color to compliment the dish. The words “halo halo” actually mean mix-mix, which perfectly describes the explosion of texture and flavor you get when eating this dessert.


No, ube is not taro although they do come from the same family. In Hawaii, Taro is a sacred food which is venerated for its nutritional value. Its cousin ube has gained popularity in recent years because of its beautiful flavor and subtle but unique taste. If you haven’t tried it yet, I highly suggest you add it to your bucket list!


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