Breastfeeding in Public, What’s Your Take?

The thought of my mother breastfeeding me in public was once unthinkable. Thankfully, the world is changing, and women are free to breastfeed in public without the added societal stigma.

For now, I am not a mother. I think motherhood is a beautiful thing and I one day hope to have a family, but now is not the time. That doesn’t stop the excited, tingly feeling I get when I see all of my friend and siblings post clever pregnancy announcements and baby christenings all over their Facebook and Instagram feeds.

As I’ve come to learn intimately in recent years with the births of my two nieces and nephew, it’s *hard* to breastfeed.

Free the nipple. There, I said it. At one time not too long ago, it was unthinkable to be sitting in a restaurant, bus, train or plane and see a woman freely breastfeeding. Today the world has completely changed.

Breastfeeding is completely natural. Actually, come to think if it, there is absolutely nothing more pure or honest or natural in this world than a woman giving nourishment, and by proxy life, to her growing child.

Something transcendental about babies is that we were all once children and depended on someone to nourish us. So what a crazy thought it is that people find a woman breastfeeding to be uncomfortable!

Once, I saw a great bumper sticker that read “I make milk. What’s your superpower?”

Every time I fly in the airport, I take special care to notice if there’s a “breastfeeding cube.” You’ve definitely seen them, but maybe just passed them by. These breastfeeding stations are great alternatives for those who need a quiet and comfortable place to breastfeed their babies that’s not a grungy bathroom stall or for those who still don’t feel 100% comfortable to free the nipple in public.

Along with breastfeeding, the changing world dictates that dads have responsibilities in the raising of children too. A while back, I read an article about a dad who needed to change his baby on the floor because the men’s bathroom because there was no changing table. Wouldn’t it be great if society were able to give both moms and dads the peace of mind to care for their baby wherever they are?

According to surveys, breastfeeding van be an emotional subject for a variety of reason. 9 out of 10 new moms feel unable to breastfeed in public due to societal stigma and embarrassment. As if! Moms, please. DO not feel any embarrassment or shame at feeding your baby in public. If they’re hungry, let them eat!

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