Let’s Get Girly! My Top Nail Polish Picks

I am a frequent attendee of my local nail salon. It’s the little wins in life (like choosing JUST the perfect color for your week) which really brighten up my mood when I’m going through a rough patch.

Having my nails done is, yes I’ll admit it, a millennial luxury but I just can’t seem to get enough. I’m always abreast of new trends in the nail industry like nail art, limited edition color releases, even the occasional reshaping of my beautiful round nails! (do you guys remember the pointed-nail trend from a couple years back?)


So, please allow me to indulge in myself (treat yoself!) and take this opportunity to introduce you to a few of my all-time favorite nail polish colors and trends that I *totally* wish would come back. Let’s go!


Dark and Colorful Winter Nails

My choice for winter nail polish colors usually reflects my personality: dark and colorful. Because the winter has so many different celebrations (and I’m usually jet-setting across the country during the holiday time), I really do enjoy sticking to bold, dark colors.


Wicked by Essie is a deep and dark creamy sinister red. In normal people’s words, that’s maroon. Come December, you will definitely find my wicked dotted with gold flakes, Christmas trees or snowmen.


The color “booties on broadway” also gets me. It’s a beautiful dark navy color, which usually matched anything you can possibly think of wearing during the winter. Although it’s no longer available for ordering online, similar shades such as bobbing for baubles and after school boy blazer are still on shelves.


Spring Has Sprung!

I AM BEYOND EXCITED FOR THE 2019 OPI SPRING TOKYO COLLECTION!!! Can anyone say Kawaii?! During springtime, I usually go for pastel colors for a more “Easter” vibe, but I think that some of the bold colors are def gonna be making the cut this year.


For the pastels I really love Suzi-san Climbs Fuji-san, which is a nice milky teal which I’ll probably pair with some cute polka dots for flair.


I do have some more “serious” events this winter – but that won’t stop my sparkly personality from shining through via the little canvases on my fingers. 3 weeks of “Rice Rice Baby” gel polish will just have to do!



Essie is another go-to brand for nail polish. Because in the summer I usually travel and try to visit the ocean as much as humanly possible (I’m terrible at surfing but that has never stopped me from trying!) I usually go for something light that isn’t too crazy regarding chipping, when I nervously bit my nails on airplane rides, etc.


My top choice for summer, as it has been for years, is definitely Essie’s ballet slippers. This little square bottle of magic will set you back a hearty $9.00 and is described on the company’s page as “an award-winning, best-selling classic pale pink with a sheer finish.”


Words have never been more concise or accurate, especially to describe a product that is in my cosmetic bag 365 days of a year. Just classic, just lovely.


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