Bird Box and the Morality of Latin American Immigration

Is Bird Box an allegory for the migrant caravan?

Sandra Bullock’s new Netflix thriller “Bird Box” is a movie about a dystopian Armageddon where seeing the outside world drives people insane. Her journey throughout the movie with two small children up a treacherous river blindfolded in order to find safety has social media buzzing with conspiracies regarding the movie’s true meaning. One of the theories espoused was that the movie was akin to mothers traveling from South and Central America with their children to reach America. Crazy conspiracy or totally plausible sub-plot?


Paola Mendoza, author of Together We Rise, sent a profound tweet thread this weekend regarding her theory that Bird Box is in fact an allegory to the contemporary issue of immigration to America from South and Central America. In an earlier post, I spoke at length about better things we could spend millions on other than the “wall” – wasn’t Mexico supposed to pay for it anyway?


Back to Twitter. So, Paola Mendoza wrote a very convincing tweet thread on her revelation (see slideshow). In the movie, Sandra Bullock takes her children on a perilous journey in order to find a sanctuary for them in an unknown future. She gets a message over the radio with specific instructions on how to find her way there, and along the way she encounters many life-threatening obstacles and moral dilemmas. While traveling, they have no idea where they are and their lives are directly threatened several times, both from familiar sources and outside unexpected powers – all while wearing a blindfold.


Although the movie is shot in flashback sequence, Paola Ramos states that it is very similar to Honduran women who take their children on “blind” journeys across central America looking for a better future for their kids in the United States. While Sandra bullock was worried that her children would drown on the river, migrants from Central and South America walked thousands of miles in the desert without water for their kids to the promise of safety.


For those who enjoyed the movie, it draws striking similarities to those who risk their lives every day to bring their children the possibility of a better life in America, much like my forefathers did for me. I think everyone should have the opportunity to dream and to give their children better lives than the ones they were afforded. The heartbreaking stories of the immigrants who escaped everything they knew just for the chance at something better should be enough for everyone to open their hearts.


P.S. – Sandra Bullock and her kids make it safely to the promised land – in case you were wondering 😉

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