GoFundMe and “The Wall”

Donald Trump supporters have raised millions on the private fundraising site GoFundMe to build the wall. I can think of a few things the money would be better spent on!

It is no secret that I am not a Trump lover. In addition to the utter abhorrence I find for my president, I also find many of his supporters (specifically online) to be challenging, combative and racist. This all culminated last week when a GoFundMe page was raised in order to build a border wall amidst a government shutdown because of a governmental inability to pass a fiscal budget. Although I can see how some might consider immigration as an issue, it is something I hold near and dear to my heart as a descendant of immigrants myself. I can think of a few better things to spend millions on than a border wall… Would you agree?


Universal Healthcare

If America is one of the most developed nations in the world, then why on Earth do we not have basic universal healthcare? The US is the only country in the developed world that doesn’t provide universal healthcare to all of its citizens. Before the start of the affordable care act (aka Obamacare), more than 40 million Americans did not have any type of health insurance – often equating sickness with bankruptcy. The rest of the world finds it strange, if not inhumane, that the United States does not provide Universal Healthcare. I think the money from the “wall” would be much better spent trying to find a solution for the fact that millions of Americans go without basic healthcare!



I have driven on roads that are terrible. And forget about roads, who can remember the Flint Water Crisis? Absolutely shameful for the most developed country in the world. Instead of a border wall, why isn’t the money being spent on taking care of American citizens who live in America? The millions raised on the GoFundMe raised to build the wall could be MUCH better spent fixing federal and local infrastructure such as those affecting Flint Michigan.



I don’t think anyone of sound mind would argue that the American prison industrial complex is an issue. Personally, I consider it a form of modern-day slavery, as we see all across the country private companies benefiting from the incarceration of their population. While America boasts 4.4% of the globe’s population within its borders, they also hold about 22% of the worlds prisoners. Many are stuck in the prison system, and do not get accurate treatment for mental health issues and other problems like addiction. Instead of a border wall, a much better investment in the “safety and security” of the country would be a revamp of the prison system in the United States.



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