The Diversity of Asian Feminism

Many times, being both Asian and a feminist seems to not quite fit the mold.

As women, we are expected to be subservient wives and overbearing mothers. The stereotypes are being shattered in todays world, and I wanted to share some awesome individuals and groups defying the model minority narrative. Girl Power!

Constance Wu at the Women’s March

Constance Wu isn’t here for your fetishization and will not bow down to Asian stereotypes. During an impassioned speech at last year’s Women’s March, Wu marched for Asian-American women who have been “ignored, judged or fetishized.” Her speech at the Women’s March touched on problematic issues for Asian-American women, and fights for equality for better portrayal of Asians in the media. Her work on (one of my favorites) Fresh Off The Boat has given her the opportunity to shift from a career-centric actress to one who champions for Asian-American interests.


Yuri Kochimaya

During the American Civil Rights Movement, Yuri Kochimaya was a prominent Japanese-American Human Rights activist in Harlem. She worked with various organizations, including Black Power movements with Malcolm X. Her involvement in various civil rights movements stemmed from her own family’s internment, and reached as far as being an active participant in anti-war movements. Her strong existence did not come without its fair share of controversy, but the world is a better place because she was in it.


#RiceBunny, the Chinese #MeToo

Women, by nature, are clever funny and creative. So when Chinese women wanted to jump on the #MeToo movement, they had to find a way around their strict government censors. Using the hashtag #RiceBunny allows Chinese users to circumvent strict censorship laws, which are known to target feminist movements within the country. The new name comes from the words for Rice and Bunny, which when spoken sound like mi and tu. A weibo discussion page for the movement received over 2.2 million views, and the movement represents women’s fight against sexual misconduct in China. In the past, Chinese authorities have arrested female activists while planning to celebrate International Women’s Day, accusing them of provoking trouble.



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