Are You Following The Bucket List Family?

The Bucket List Family are some of my favorite internet sensations. If you haven't been following them, you should be!

I am not yet a mom. I can imagine the whole experience to be very stressful, messy and long-term. Although I am not yet ready for that kind of commitment, I do find some solace in following really cool mom-bloggers. My favorite family (probably of all-time) that have their found their way to digital stardom is the Bucket List Family! Funny enough, they have decided to settle down in Hawaii, but not before they have had some amazing global experiences and shared them with the whole world.


According to their YouTube page, wife and husband Jessica and Garrett met while doing mission work. (Actually, they met in a flower shop in Russia while both serving missions- how cute!) We can assume that they are Mormon, as Garrett attended BYU in Provo, Utah. By the way, if you have never been to a Mormon Church I highly recommend doing so! The people are so nice, and their structures are magnificent.


Their travel journals in the form of YouTube videos and Instagram pages are beyond great. In 2015, the family chose to live a “not so average life” who sold all of their earthly belongings and began a journey with their kids on an adventure around the world. The family goes to amazing countries with views and places that you could once only find in National Geographic. Their trip to Kenya with the giraffes definitely made me shed a tear or two.


In addition to their insane travels and impeccable documentation, the Bucket List Family really does have an amazingly designed and meticulously maintained website. My favorite page is probably destinations, where many of the countries they visited are described alongside the cutest photo from their trip. I can’t get enough of Dorothy’s pink dress next to a car from the 1950s in Havana, Cuba.


The couple has three ADORABLE kids named Dorothy, Manilla and Calihan. Probably my favorite part of following the bucket list family has been watching the kids grow up right before my eyes. We even got to see Jessica pregnant with Calihan and watch her travel; the world with a newborn infant! Can someone say supermom?


So, the Bucket List Family decided to finally settle down in my home state of Hawaii. I was beyond stoked, to say the least. In September, Elle Décor published an amazing article about their new home, a renovated bungalow with rooms inspired by different countries they’ve visited together.


So, if this article hasn’t inspired you to start a family, sell all of your things and travel the world, I hope at least it’s piqued your interest enough to start following the Bucket List Family. I promise, you won’t regret it!

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