Sometimes Road Trips Are The Only Option

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost

Life in the big city can sometimes be a confluence of sweat, crowded spaces and incessant chattering. Being surrounded by tall concrete towers can also make you feel like you need a short burst of relief. For the working person, the hustle and bustle of one’s tedious 9-5 schedule can lead to tensed muscles and engaging in occasional illogical fallacies. So, what’s the best cure for a foggy brain and itchy feet?

The answer is: a good ol’ road trip.

Not only are they time efficient, but they’re also cost-effective. You won’t need to wait for the weekend to go on a four-day trip abroad. Instead, you can opt to take your car (or your friend’s car) down to a relaxing nature spot for an instant remedy. This short primer will answer all your basic questions.

What should I prepare?

  1. Seek Advice

First things first, asking for tips from friends is always a good start because they might be aware of some interesting places that you’ve never heard of. Also, they might know a couple of areas that aren’t so popular and within your area. Another great option would be to hop on a forum like road trip forum on TripAdvisor. There’s an array of places to visit as well as people’s reviews on them. So rest assured, the location is a legitimate one.

  1. Manage Your Expenses

The only things you really need to care about on a road trip (besides friends of course) are two things: gas and food. Make sure to stop by a gas station to fill up your car’s tank and grab a handful of munchies. What’s a road trip without stuffing your face with food on the way? Plus, you’ll be able to do both things in one place.

  1. Map It Out & Weather Check

Before embarking on your journey, make sure to check the weather. You want to make sure that there won’t be any heavy downpours when you arrive. Setting the date for your plan is part and parcel to creating a well-organized trip. Also, make certain that you know the way to get there and that it isn’t too challenging. Figuring out the best route to take before you go will help you save up on time. Often, it’s also a good idea to check Google Earth to see if the way is suitable for your vehicle.

  1. Prepare a Playlist

The best road trips are ones where your friends prepare a playlist. So make sure that at least one of your friends has a Spotify playlist ready for the awesome journey ahead. Tell them all your favorite songs, or they can even pick and select songs to make it feel like you have in-house DJ right in your car. If you’re feeling like you’d rather listen to lectures, Hidden Brain on NPR  incorporates science and storytelling into their podcasts. You’ll be able to understand human behavior, while travelling with humans on an exciting journey.

Follow these simple tips for a surefire awesome road trip!

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