Best Beaches in Hawaii: Tracks, O’ahu

Tracks beach is one of my favorites on O’ahu. Some of my favorite teenage memories were spent here with friends, family, cold beer and poke!

Tracks beach is one of the beaches that I hold the fondest memories of. Now as an adult, I can enjoy the finer aspects of tracks: ample parking, quiet, great view, beautiful seashells and even the occasional sea turtle! I highly suggest loading the car and heading to tracks for one of the most fun days you’ve ever had.

What Do I Bring?

Like any health-conscious millennial, start off with sunscreen. Because tracks is just miles and miles of sand and beach, there is little to no shade. Lather yourself up several times, but try to find some reef-friendly sunscreen! When you’re invariably drowning in the sunscreen aisle, make sure the following are on your bottle so we can be extra considerate to our underwater friends:

The absence of oxybenzone and octinoxate in listed ingredients

Mineral based sunscreen with the ingredients zinc oxide and titanium dioxide

Indication that ingredients are “non-nano”

Reef-safe labels

Another fun and on-the-cheap activity to do at tracks is snorkeling. You can pick up any mask and snorkel from an ABC (one of the most popular convenience stores on island) and experience the best of not-tourist trap snorkeling the island hast to offer. My first magical experience with a sea turtle happened at tracks, and it definitely changed my life for the better.

Why is tracks so great for snorkeling? Interesting story. Due south of the actual beach park is an electric power plant, which gives off warm water from runoff. Sea creatures flock to this warm water runoff, as it produces more food and more easily allows the fish and sea creatures to regulate their body temperature.

Sustenance is always important for a fun and productive day. Some of my favorite Hawaiian fruits include lilikoi and pitaya, and nothing beats a nice fresh poke from Mike’s. When I lived on O’ahu, Mike had a poke stand set up out of the back of his car on the street across from tracks, and his lomi ahi is to die for.

Water, the most important gift given to us from the heavens, is best served chilled in a cooler full of ice. There’s almost nothing better than the genuine sweet taste a bottle of Hawaiian Isles after a few hours soaking in the sun and the salt water. Tracks beach is great, if not one of my favorite places in the world. I highly suggest you give it a visit next time you’re on O’ahu!



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