America the Beautiful? Be Sure to Vote.

US President Donald Trump stated that he aims to end birthright citizenship through executive order. As a child of immigrants myself, this rhetoric makes me wonder… Is this the America the Beautiful my ancestors dreamed of? What can we do to change it?

Needless to say, I am as unhappy and disgusted by the actions and words of our president as any other sensible American. Last week’s tragic mass shooting at a Pennsylvania synagogue was followed by words of “this could have been prevented if there were armed guards.” Hateful speech against immigrants trying to make better lives for themselves get accusations of being rapists, gangsters and murderers. These divisive notions from the leader of the free world make me sad and angry. But thankfully, things do not have to stay this way. If the democrats take the midterm elections, we might see a far brighter near-future. Here are the swing states to watch out for in this week’s midterm elections!


In Minnesota, the Senate is divided. The Senate is split an even 33-33, with one seat empty. Their House of Representatives are run by the Republicans at a 77-56, but there’s a chance Democrats could take the House if there is a high blue voter turnout. Special races we should watch out for are the special election in District 13.


The state legislature is currently controlled by the Republicans; 18-15. The house majority is bigger, 64-35. In the state, Trump has a 55% disapproval rating. The current governor, Scott Walker, seems to be a state favorite and chances are the state will stay red.


Florida is always fun. The Republicans control the state legislature with a 21-36 majority, and a house majority of 76-41. Although the house probably won’t flip, the senate stands a fair chance. Florida’s republican governor is running for the US senate, and his seat is up for hot debate between Andrew Gillum (D) and Ron DeSantis (R).


Republicans are controlling the senate 17-13 and the House 35-25. In the Senate, Arizona needs to take three seats to swing the majority to blue. Trump, on the other hand, has an approval/disapproval rating of an even 48-48. In Arizona, Senate Districts 6, 17 and 28 have a good chance of getting voted blue, although they are suspected to stay red.

So, what does this mean? The future of the country is in your hands. That’s why it’s so important to vote November 6th! There is literally nothing more important you can do on Tuesday.



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