Bay Area Rent Vs Rent in Honolulu

You’ve decided to move to a new city, you’re ready to unpack the suitcase you’ve been piling up with memorabilia, books and clothes. Climbing up the inviting steps into your newfound home with your heart beating in its chambers. This is the moment you’ve been anticipating.


The excitement to move to a new place can sometimes override the fact that transitioning to a major city especially in the US can be tricky. The high rent prices and higher costs of living is a factor that should be carefully taken into consideration. I’ve had requests to compare the cost of living in the Bay Area in comparison to Honolulu in terms of apartments. After sufficient research, here’s a succinct guide for aspiring apartment seekers!

Cost of Living in San Francisco                                                          

News recently revealed San Francisco to have the highest rent in the world. Given its spatial constrictions, the Bay Area has been raising the stakes for living costs. Additionally, high-income individuals usually are seen fleeing here and it could serve as a potential threat for low-income families. Despite this, for people who can afford it, living in San Francisco is a great investment.

The cheapest place you can rent out would be a studio for around $2,461 per month (I’m unsure if this includes a furnished place) and this is for a 512 square ft loft. If you’re feeling like dishing out more cash a 792 square ft place would cost $3,442. The cheapest place I found was for $865 online but the place seems more of a fit for one person. For more options, is the place to scour for cheaper or more expensive places depending on your taste and financial capability.

Cost of living in Honolulu

Bright white sands and crystal-clear waters, who wouldn’t want to live in Honolulu?

This city is bustling with numerous night life spots and exciting surf spots. If you’re a Jurassic Park fan, a few shots were taken in Oahu and you can only imagine how it looks like in real life!

Honolulu differs to the Bay Area when it comes to costs because it’s much cheaper. For a 705 square foot loft prices can go for as low as $1,500 and even $1,000 for 50 square ft. For a hefty price of $2,400 you’ll get a huge space of 651 square feet! That’s a great deal, I must say. For a more complete price list and features, is a great place to research on deals.

What’s the verdict?

In the end, it all boils down to how much money you’re willing to invest for an apartment. If you’re more on the excessive side, the Bay Area is a perfect fit for you. Especially if you’re working in the tech industry, the cost of living should be manageable. For people who opt to live in Honolulu, you’ll get a good price for a standard-large sized apartment plus a great location. If you’re a surfer, then Honolulu, coupled with a reasonable cost of living is the perfect spot. My opinion generally is that I’m a Hawaii girl at heart so Honolulu will always be more of my home.

Have a great week ahead!

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