Mindfulness: The Free Superpower

Some days, I’ll be scrolling through the feed on my phone without even realizing that I wasn’t engaging, I was simply ogling. That’s when I realized that I needed a digital detox but more so, I needed to change my habits.

The 8 hour daily grind is part and parcel to a regular routine for some people.  This repetitive lifestyle coupled with downing a cup of coffee every few hours can cause our brains to turn foggy. Straying away from our priorities is an inevitable human act but how do we combat this? The truth is, all we truly need is ourselves.

I’ve decided to incorporate more mindful practices into my habits to counteract my wandering thoughts. This technique is called mindfulness. This term corresponds to the Pali term, sati, a vital element in Buddhist traditions. By being able to be fully aware of what goes on in your head, you’ll be able to function better. Here are a few quick tips to remain mindful despite a busy schedule.

  1. Do Away With Meditation Apps

Headspace., Calm among others are all great apps for people on the go. But if you have a few minutes to yourself before jumping on a task, avoid that button. Instead, tuck your phone away and sit with yourself for a while. Examine your need to reach for your phone. Do you truly need to be on it to escape? Perhaps not.

  1. Breathe, Girl

Take a quick second to focus on your breathing. You can do this while at your desk, in the bathroom or even walking down the street. Take a few moments for yourself to examine your inhalations and exhalations. I like to breathe in for 6 seconds and exhale for 10 seconds for about 4 rounds. Bringing yourself back to your center, really grounds you to take on any task.

  1. Check Lists Are In

When one of my friends asked me how I manage to accomplish all my tasks, I told him that I still list things down. It isn’t old school to resort to pen and paper. The 1930s plane crash that resulted because they didn’t make a list still plays a heavy role in why I still make lists today. Writing is a form of mindfulness because you’re trying to stay in check with yourself. Keep a pen and paper with you, you’ll thank me later.

  1. Befriend Nature

Trees? Lakes? What are those? When we’re out of sync with ourselves we forget to see the beauty in others and even in nature. When we’re walking down a bustling street with our thoughts, we don’t think about the beauty of flowers, we get pulled into our heady notions of life. Instead, try to divert your attention towards the bright tones of flowers, or the curvature of a tree trunk the next time you walk down a road. You’ll notice a great improvement in your outlook on life.

With these simple steps, you’ll be able to focus better and reduce stress immensely. Again, this isn’t a cure all for brain fog but it will make you realize that you’re more than a working robot. You’re a powerful individual who can steer his life in any direction he chooses.

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