A Trip to Busan in South Korea

Although Seoul is always a great time, a lesser known place to visit in South Korea is the beautiful city of Busan.

While Seoul usually gets all of the credit for its nightlife, celebrities and delicious restaurants, getting in touch with the real Korea is as easy as taking a side trip to Busan. Here, you can hit the beach, meet great locals, visit hot springs, temples specialty seafood and undiscovered villages.

Busan is located farther down the southern coast of Korea. It is the second largest city after Seoul. Traveling here is as easy as using the subway system, which will bring you from the most populated city all the way to the countryside. In addition, there are buses available for transportation. If you’re planning to visit the entire country, I suggest you purchase a KORAIL pass, available to all foreigners.  Busan itself has an international airport, which is a destination for many Asian countries which include China, Japan, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Below are some of my favorite activities to do in Busan.

Street Food

A visit to the Gukje market is always a must. The name translates to “international market”, and its best quality is serving the best street food in the south of the country. Initially, the market was set up by refugees who fled to Busan after the Korean war. Today, the market has grown to encompass alleys and streets. Goods here range from souvenirs to electronics. Definitley suggested to try the rice cakes, kimchi (yum!), and sweet pancakes.

Hurshimchung Spa

If you haven’t visited a Korean bathhouse, you’re missing out. Called a ‘jjimjilbang’, there is no better Korean bathhouse than the biggest indoor spa in the entire country. You have options to bathe in hot, cold or lukewarm baths. Also included are fountains, dry sauna rooms and showers. The mineral spas here are unlike anywhere else in the world.

Stay tuned for more must-dos in Busan!

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