Tips to Help you Pick a Ripe Pineapple

Pineapples, the king of all fruits, are delicious but sometimes hard to pick....

Before you start to cut a pineapple, it is good to make sure that it is ripe. Lucky enough, it is easy to determine if the pineapple is ripe by just looking at it provided you understand what you need. To determine if the fruit is ripe and ready for consumption, smell the stem-end of the fruit to know if it smells sweet. You can as well squeeze the fruit to know if it is firm or soft since ripe pineapples will be soft when you press your fingers on them. If you still have some doubts, you can check out on the color of the fruit. Note that if the fruit is ripe if it has a yellow coloration at the stem-end.

Smell the pineapple

Hold the pineapple and flip it over so that you can sniff the stem end. A sweet aroma is the pondered the most significant factor when it comes to picking a ripe pineapple. If there is no scent at all, just know that the fruit is not yet ready for consumption. You can smell the pineapple from other sides since a sweet aroma can be discernable from any part of the fruit.

Never should you cut pineapples that produce fermented scent. While you want the pineapple to have a sweet aroma, you need to make sure that the fruit is so ripe that the scent has no alcohol or vinegar traces on it.

Squeezing the pineapple

Use one hand to squeeze the fruit gently. While a ripe pineapple must be pretty firm, it is supposed to be soft enough so that it gives slightly when pressed down.

Determine the how heavy the pineapple is

Bear in mind that a heavy pineapple means that the fruit has a high quantity of juice since the extra sap makes the fruit to have more weight. Additionally, more juice translates to a riper and sweeter fruit. It is good to know that heaver does not mean that the pineapple is large and for this reason, the pineapple is supposed to be heavier when compared to others of the same sizes. Therefore, if larger fruit tends to have the same weight as a smaller one, then the smaller one if the best choice.

Pluck a leaf from the tip of the fruit
Plucking pineapple leaves
Plucking pineapple leaves

While the majority of people are conflicted over the effectiveness of this approach, it is evident that a pineapple is ready for consumption if a leaf can be picked from its tip without too much resistance.

Freshness and deterioration

These are the two primary elements of a ripe pineapple that you must give great attention. This is because what you need is a fresh fruit and not a rotten one. Since the fruits obtain its sugar through the stem region, the pineapple will start changing its color from this place.

Look at the color of the fruit

A ripe fruit will have a golden yellow color while the one that is not yet ready to face a knife will have a green tinted color. However, bear in mind that some variety of the pineapples will be pondered to be ripe while they are partially green, but the fruit must not be entirely green or brown. Make sure you pay attention to the healthy appearance of the fruit. While choosing a ripe pineapple, make sure a yellow coloration is visible at the base of the fruit. Note that color that goes up towards the pineapple indicates that the fruit is sweeter.

Look at the color of the leaves

Since a ripe pineapple can either have a golden-yellow color or green, focus on the color of the leaves can be another great alternative. Pick a fruit that has healthy and green leaves.

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